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BROS Eastern Co. specializes in research, development and manufacturing of top-dyed mélange yarn. What is top dyed yarn? It's when fibers are dyed before spinning. To make a beautiful melange (mixed) effect, dyed fibers are mixed with raw white, bleached white, black or other colors to create the effect. Many people call these heather yarns. 


With more than twenty years of experience, BROS is the leading producer in China of top dyed yarns. Their collections include hundreds of pre-blended color formulas. A special focus on sustainability has lead to developments using botanical dyes, organic fibers and low water/low energy options such as the Eco-Fresh line.


Another way BROS is working to reduce their carbon footprint is to offer digital books. If you are interested in viewing a digital copy, please send us a message. 

EcoFRESH Yarn Master Volume

EcoFRESH Yarn Master Volume 2

Volume 15A - Maze Yarn

Volume 18A - Cloud Heather

Volume 22A - Rayon Heather

Volume 23A - Neps Yarn

Volume 24A - Stream Heather colors

Volume 25A - Denim look Heathers

Volume 26A - Ambilight Yarn Series

Volume 27A - Twinkle Yarn Series

Volume 35 S-3 - Lenzing Tencel & Modal

Volume 40 - Fashion colors - manmade fibers

Volume 42 - Space Dyed Blue Heathers

Volume 44 - Space Dyed Multi Color Heathers

Volume 48 - Vortex spun Heathers (poly, rayon, blends)

Volume 49 - Trend Color addition 2

Volume 50 - Trend Color addition 2 (swathers)

Volume 51  - Trend Color addition 3

Volume 52 - Master Color Book

Volume KS02 - Stock Service / Fast Fashion Heathers

Volume KS03 - Kiddy Land Heathers (surf inspired) 

Volume KS04 - Florescent Fashion Collection

Volume KS05 - Botanical Dye Collection

Volume KS06 - Eco Friendly Heather

Volume KS07 - Recycled Cotton Heather

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